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International Diagnostic Equipment Service Department

We at IDE know that your patient's needs are your priority and our mission is to make sure your laboratory equipment is running in excellent working conditions, for your lab to better serve your patients in a productive and efficient manner. We specialize in clinical and analytical equipment and offer quality service at a cost effective rate. We pride ourselves in our highly qualified engineers with many years of experience that are readily available to serve your needs.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance will reduce the risk of Equipment downtime, and increase the performance of your instrument. IDE and our Highly qualified, trained staff will ensure that your maintenance is done according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement is tailored to your laboratory's specific maintenance needs. Remove the stress of scheduling Preventive maintenance, with our service agreements we have you covered.

Phone Support

We provide same day phone support. Phone support will give you the ability to troubleshoot your instrument efficiently. we will walk you through every step in a detailed manner.

Decontamination and Relocation

We do thorough onsite equipment decontamination and shut down, and prepare equipment for relocation, storage or for shipping.

Corrective Maintenance And Repair

We offer corrective maintenance all across the US. Errors on your instrument will be analyzed in advance to ensure that your engineer will be equipped to get your instrument up and running quickly. The productivity of your laboratory is crucial to your success. We at IDE have a large stock of parts, spares and and consumables. Wether you have a service agreement or it's a emergency one time call, we have you covered.

Depot Level Service

We offer depot level service on instruments purchased from us or not. Depot level service reduces repair costs. Once your instruments is shipped to us and received we can perform any service, repair or refurbishment that is needed here at home reducing engineer travel cost. Giving you a cost efficient solution


Our Refurbishment process is finely crafted and of exceptional quality. We dismantle the instrument completely to the frame, rebuild components individually, replace tubing, filters, seals, latex flow, cell, laser, photometer, aperture, optics calibration, verify alignments, and QC that meets and exceeds manufacturer specifications. We also offer Refurbishment at a depot level, send us your equipment for a complete restoration and re-certification.

Installation, Training,
IQ/OQ Validation Service

We offer installations, do IQ/OQ validation, onsite structural review per manufacturer’s manual, power connection, verify alignment, calibration and quality control. We train lab technicians to safely and correctly use instruments and perform tests and basic maintenance. If you’re looking to install an instrument that has been previously shutdown we will re-install and train for re-commission.

Extended Service and Warranty

We extend service and warrant equipment for long periods of time, longer than original manufacturers do, so you can continue using your trusted equipment at a cost efficient rate.




Integrated Systems

  • Architect Ci4100
  • Architect Ci800
  • Architect Ci16200

Clinical Chemistry

  • Architect C4000
  • Architect C8000
  • Architect C16000


  • Architect i1000SR
  • Architect i12000SR
  • Architect i4000SR



  • Cell-Dyn Emerald
  • Cell-Dyn Ruby
  • Cell-Dyn 3200



Clinical Chemistry

  • Olympus AU 480
  • Olympus AU 680
  • Olympus AU 5800
  • DXC 700 AU


  • Access 2
  • Unicel DXi 600
  • Unicel DXi 800


  • DXH 600
  • DXH 800
  • AC-T DIFF 2
  • AC-T DIFF 5


Clinical Chemistry

  • Advia 1200
  • Advia 1800
  • Advia 2400
  • Dimension EXL


  • Immulite 1000
  • Immulite 2000
  • Immulite 2000 XPI
  • Advia Centaur CP
  • Advia Centaur XP


  • Advia 120
  • Advia 2120
  • Hematek 2000


Mass Spectrometry

  • Triple Quad 3200
  • Triple Quad 3500
  • Triple Quad 4000
  • Triple Quad 4500
  • Triple Quad 5500


Mass Spectrometry

  • Agilent 6420a
  • Agilent 6430
  • Agilent 6460


  • Agilent 1100
  • Agilent 1200


  • Cobas 6000

The best choice for your laboratory

We understand how important it is for your laboratory to keep your instruments running efficiently so that you can focus on serving your patients and increasing your productivity. Contact us today for an estimate as we tailor the best strategy for your laboratory.

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