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LumiStat Microwell Strip Luminometer (Code: )

LumiStat Microwell Strip Luminometer
The increased range and sensitivity of CLIA (Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assays) is no longer just for high volume labs. LumiStat®, the first CLIA micro strip reader, brings this technology to any size lab. 

  • Automatic strip transport.
  • 3-strip loading capacity for 8-well or 12-well strips.
  • Easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer.
  • Test names and parameters are stored in a large on-board memory for easy recall.
  • A built-in reference assures continuous calibration.
  • On board curve fitting calculations with step-by-step user prompting for single & multi-point calibration curves, several regression calculations, and a variety of cutoff and control options.
  • NRTL and CE certified.
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