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Siemens DPC Immulite One Immunoassay System (Code: IDE-IM5268)

We at IDE offer DPC Immulite One Immunology Analyzer. The Siemens DPC Immulite One is a Diagnostic Products Corporation (now a division of Siemens) manufactured immunoassay system, offering fully integrated operation.

DPC Immulite chemistry analyzer is greatly appreciated by the clinicians and technicians worldwide because of its simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms, expanded menu list and high performance features. This bench top model utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry for detection of antibody or antigen.

With this device, rapid tests for cardiac biomarkers, infectious diseases, reproductive, thyroid, anemia function, diabetes, TDM, endocrinology, tumor markers, drugs of abuse, serology, allergy, and esoteric can be done in random access mode.


Height: 19 in 
Width: 46 in 
Depth: 26 in 
Weight: 240 lbs 
Random Access immunoassay system 
Throughput Up to 120 tests per hour in random or batch access mode 
Time to first result 42 minutes standard mode, 15 minutes turbo mode 
Assays on board up to 12 
Reagent Positions 12, Reagent bar codes allows operator to auto load calibration information and test parameters. 
Maintenance Daily 5-10 min Weekly 15 min Monthly 30 min 


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