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Abbott Cell Dyn Ruby Hematology Analyzer (Code: IDE-CDRUBY)

The CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology System For inVitros use only. Brings high technology to the medium-sized lab. The CELL-DYN Ruby uses MAPSS technology to enumerate and differentiate White Blood Cells and provide the performance needed for patient samples. Additionally, the instrument uses optical laser light scatter analysis to provide both Red Blood Cell and Platelet counts. 

The CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology System can process up to 84 CBCs and Differentials/hour. MultiAngle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS) laser technology provides enhanced first-pass efficiency, with accurate WBC enumeration and identification using 4 angles of light scatter on up to 10,000 cells per dilution. 

CELL-DYN hematology controls are assayed at 3 levels (low, normal, and high) to meet your laboratory’s quality control needs. Abbott offers global inter-laboratory quality control peer group monitoring with reports sent directly to your email address.

System Control Center: A single computer with color touch-screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse



Maximum Throughput (Autoloader Mode) CBC + Differential: Up to 84 per hour
Sample Volume Open Mode 150 μL, Sample Loader 230 μL
Reagents Only 4 reagents including reticulocytes
Technology WBC and differential 4 angle optical MAPSS Multiple Scatterplot Analysis
Platelets Dual angle optical analysis, no extra reagent, no reflex testing requirement
Reticulocytes New Methylene Blue NCCLS method, supravital staining technique
Analytical Measurement Ranges WBC 0.02–246.8 x 103/μL 
RBC 0.00–7.50 x 106/μL
HGB 0.0–25.0 g/dL
HCT 8.3-79.8%
MCV 58–139 fL
RDW 10.0-29.8%
PLT 0.0–3000 x 103/μL
MPV 4.3-17.2 fL
RETC 0.2–22.9%
Data Management Windows®-based operating system. Rules-based result annotations. Full on-board QC package. Levey-Jennings plots. Moving Averages. Westgard rules. 10,000 results stored with graphics. Auto calibration online guide.
System Control Center A single computer with color touch-screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • Height - 19.25 inches (49.9 cm)
  • Width - 34 inches (86.4 cm)
  • Depth - 30.25 inches (76.8 cm)

232 pounds (105.2 kilograms)

Electrical Requirements*  VAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption* 550 watts
*Analyzer only.



WBC Lyse 3.8 L cubitainer (08H52-01)
Diluent / Sheath 20 L cubitainer (01H73-01)
CN free HGB / NOC Lyse 3.8 L cubitainer (03H80-02)
Reticulocyte 5.0 mL tubes, each tube containing 3.7 mL of reagent (03H40-01)


Controls and Calibrators

CELL-DYN 26 Plus Control Open Vial: 8 days
CELL-DYN Retic Plus Control Open Vial: 14 days
CELL-DYN 29 Plus Control (With Retic) Open Vial: 7 days
CELL-DYN HemCal Plus Calibrator Open Vial: 5 days


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