International Diagnostic Equipment - Diamedix Mago 4S Elisa Automated Analyzer
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Diamedix Mago 4S Elisa Automated Analyzer (Code: 251-200r)

We are a US based Exporter and Supplier of Diamedix Mago 4S. The MAGO 4S is the only analyzer capable of providing laboratories infinite possibilities in ELISA1 and IFA2 testing. By allowing ELISA and IFA samples to be processed simultaneously, the Mago 4S offers multiple solutions to increase laboratory productivity. Additionally, with an expanded menu, the Mago 4S introduces a level of automation that is in a class by itself. 

Performance Flexibility: 

Simultaneous ELISA/IFA test processing - increases efficiency 
Diamedix reagents in ready to use containers - eliminates pour-off and reduces set-up time 
Performs serial two-fold dilutions on board - reduces labor 
Performs Diamedix and validated Reagent partner assays in tandem - improves workflow 
Ability to perform multiple assays per sample - eliminates need to batch test 

Reliable System Design: 
Liquid sensing mechanism - warns if reagent / sample fluids are insufficient 
Pre-assay plate / reagent volume check - avoids aborted runs 
Continuous probe clean - maintains hydraulics and reduces carry-over 
Dispenses accurately to 4 microliters - less sample needed 

Expanded Functionality: 
User friendly Windows based software - set-up is fast and easy 
Inverse curve capability - expands test menu 
Open channels - increases assay applications 
Bi-Directional LIS communication 
Ability to export data - adds external Levy-Jennings capability 

Testing Capabilities: 
Maximum number of ELISA plates 4 
Maximum number of IFA slides 16 
Maximum sample capacity 120 

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