International Diagnostic Equipment - Dynex DSX 4-Plate Automated Immunoassay
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Dynex DSX 4-Plate Automated Immunoassay (Code: )

The DSX is a fully automated immunoassay analyzer 4-plate processing system capable of performing multiple assays per plate

Easy to use

Graphical user interface based on intuitive Windows™-based operation
On-screen help available at eachs tep of setting up or programming assays
The Worklist Load Wizard walks users through DSX Worklist set-up indicating graphically where to place reagents, samples and plate
Modular, easy to replace incubators, reader, washer and barcode reader


4 buffers
Up to 2 incubator modules for 37-50°C incubations
8 second cycle time per sample
Strip synchronization - programs modified to counteract drift
Open system - Diamedix programs included, other can be run in parallel
Supports infectious disease testing requiring tips


Alarms for "Wash Buffer Low" and "Waste Full"
Liquid level check alarms; tip, foam, bubble and clot detection


Uses inexpensive tips made of white polyethylene, not carbon filled black tips
Uses only 2 tips per sample and tracks tip inventory to eliminate waste
Tracks dilution well useage; uses 8-well dilution strips to minimize wasted wells.

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