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Tokyo Boeki Biolis 24i (Code: 2231460311)

Tokyo Boeki Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer for sale in Excellent working conditions Instrument says SPA Plus but has Biolis 24i Software installed


*Same as MGC 240 and Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer and Biolis 24i

This low-cost, eco-friendly benchtop chemistry analyzer has a menu of 100 tests, including general chemistry, special chemistry, and drugs of abuse tests. It can run over 400 tests per hour and can analyze 3–30uL of serum, plasma, or urine using endpoint, rate, and turbidimetry analytical methods. Bi-directional interface and barcoded primary tube sampling provide positive sample ID and eliminate the need for instrument programming. 

The system uses semi-permanent reaction cuvettes and an integrated distilled water system to eliminate the need for expensive disposable cuvettes and water cubes. A thorough, 10-step cuvette wash station administers heated alkaline and acid washes before and after each run. The analyzer is compatible with all LIS systems, eliminating the need for paper documents. 

Reagents are barcoded, ready-to-use liquids. 30-day on-board reagent stability and 14-day calibration stability allow for easy daily start-up. 


 Confidence in results

  • Automatic Antigen Excess Check
  • Minimal carry over through contact free Sample/Reagent air mixing
  • Intuitive software and robust hardware

Increase productivity

1st result in 15 min, subsequent results every 30 seconds

Up to 240* tests/hour

On-board reagent cooling/monitoring

Wide measuring range minimizes re-runs ensuring optimal reagent usage and throughput



Mean time between failure of up to 258 days

Quick start up and shut down

Very low downtime ensuring continuity of laboratory service


Easy to operate

Ready-to-use barcoded reagents

Fully integrated bi-directional RS232 interface capability

Direct loading of calibrators and controls

Simple loading and unloading as reagents and samples

*For CH50 assay



Technical Specification



Up to 240* tests/hr

10 minute assay incubation - 15 minutes to first result - every 30 seconds thereafter



Reagent Module

24 reagent positions

  • Onboard reagent cooling (10°C + 2°C)
  • Dual reagent probes with automated washing between reagent addition
  • Reagent level detection and reagent management
  • Automatic reagent changeover



Sampling Module

  • Sample Type: serum, plasma, urine
  • 40 sample + 5 STAT positions per carousel: 30 primary/secondary tube with barcode reading
  • Sample tubes accepted: disposable cups, secondary tubes, 5mL, 7mL, 10mL primary tubes
  • Integrated sample barcode reader. Acceptable Bar Codes: Code 39, Code 128, ITF, NW-7. Reads up to 18 digits.
  • Minimum sample volume 150µL
  • Automatic sample dilution
  • Automatic rerun
  • Sample level detection
  • Automatic interior/exterior sample probe washing


Reaction Module

  • 60 semi-permanent acrylic cuvettes
  • Reaction temperature 37°C + 0.1°C
  • Automatic 10-step, high temperature cuvette washing system
  • Dual-chamber, air pressure enhanced mixing


*for CH50 Assay


Optics Module

  • Wavelength: 12 discrete
  • Automatic cell blank monitoring
  • Halogen lamp: 2000 hours with lamp-life monitor
  • Silicon photo-diode detectors



  • Windows®-based
  • LIS compatible (RS-232C bi-directional interface)
  • Levy-Jennings QC monitoring
  • Water supply, wash solutions and waste level alarms


Physical Specifications

  • Dimension: 31.5"/800mm (Width) x 25.2"/640mm (Depth) x 20.5"/520mm (Height)
  • Weight: 210 lbs / 96kgs
  • Power requirements: AC 100/115/230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Rated power consumption: 600 VA
  • Water type: Deionised Water
  • 3L Acid and 3L Alkali wash bottles
  • 10L DI water reservoir, 10L waste container and 5L back-up waste and water containers


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