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Carolina Chemistries CLC 6410 Chemistry Analyzer (Code: IDE-CLC6410)

At IDE we have available the new, FDA-cleared CLC6410 from Carolina Liquid Chemistries is a high volume, modular modular clinical chemistry analyzer. The CLC6410 is capable of meeting the needs of large hospitals and clinical reference laboratories with an economical, modular design that allows laboratories to expand its throughput as their needs grow. A single module can run up to 1600 tests/hr, while four modules can be joined to achieve 6400 tests/hr. All configurations include a 300 sample loader and intuitive software that automates numerous operational and quality control procedures. The CLC6410 also features technological advances that save time, water, and energy. For more information, please download the product brochure below.


System Type:Random access, fully automatic, discrete, STAT priority

Throughput:Constant speed 6400 tests/hour colorimetric (integration of 4 modules)
Max. ISE throughput up to 960 tests/hour

Light Source:Long life halogen lamp

Wavelength:340-800nm, 13 wavelengths

Analysis Method:End-point, kinetics, fixed-time, turbidimetric

Calibration Method:1 point method, 2 point method, multiple point linear method, non-linear method

Probe:Independent sample probes, reagent probes, automatic liquid level detection,
probe liquid level sensing and clot detection function

Rinsing Mechanism:Probe inner wall high pressure rinsing

Mixing Mechanism:2 sets independent mixers for each module ensure sufficient reaction

Reaction Cuvette:330 reaction cuvettes for each module

Temperature Control:Reaction disk incubation bath temperature is 37ºC ± 0.1ºC

Reagent Position:134 reagent positions for each module; 67 2-part reagent tests

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