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Carolina Chemistries CLC 720 Chemistry Analyzer (Code: IDE-CLC720)

The CLC 720 is a revolutionary chemistry analyzer. The CLC 720 runs over 550 tests/hr and has a menu of 90 tests, yet its superior engineering and technical specifications demonstrate the difference designed in this century can make.
Incorporating the latest software design, fluidics control, and electrical engineering, the CLC 720: takes less space, makes less noise, generates less heat, consumes less water, and runs on Windows latest version.
Vitamin D-direct is a moderate complexity assay for the CLC 720 chemistry analyzer that requires no manual pre-treatment of the sample or reagent. A sample can run in 20 minutes (up to 400 tests/hr) and can be run in random access mode with other chemistries, eliminating the need for batch testing. Vitamin D-direct measures total 25-Hydroxy (sum of D3 + D2), is traceable to NIST standard reference material, features wide dynamic range, improved precision, eliminates washing steps, and eliminates inaccurate results caused by “matrix effects.” Competitively priced reagents and the economical CLC 720 make Vitamin D-direct a great choice for laboratories seeking to reduce costs.


• Discrete, random access, fully automated
• Up to 560 tests per hour with ISE
• Up to 77 onboard chemistries plus Na+, K+, Cl-
• Refrigerated reagent compartment
• Sample tray: 90 positions
• Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection,
clot detection, probe collision protection
• 8-step auto washing system
• 12 wavelengths: 340~800nm
• Automatic dilution of high samples above usable range
• Internal reagent and sample barcode reader
• Bi-directional LIS interface with host query
• Eliminates the need for cumbersome racks
• Pre-dilution for certain assays
• STAT capabilities

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Illicit Drugs

*Vitamin D

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