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Beckman Coulter / Olympus AU 480 Chemistry Analyzer (Code: IDE-AU480)

We at IDe have a Beckman Coulter / Olympus AU 480 Chemistry Analyzer For Sale

The AU480 chemistry analyzer is the ideal main analyzer for small- to medium-sized laboratories/Hospitals, with a throughput of up to 800 tests per hour with ISE and simultaneous programming for up to 63 different analytes. The Olympus AU 480 chemistry analyzer can be used as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in any laboratory. 



Robust testing capabilities

  • Broaden your test offerings with more than 120 different Beckman Coulter system reagent applications available
  • Conduct quick priority testing using the analyzer’s STAT wheel
  • Turn around critical samples fast with sample pre-dilution and auto-repeat of over-range results

Efficient reagent and consumable use

  • Minimize hands-on time and reduce daily reagent inventory tasks with ready-to-use liquid concentrated reagents
  • Experience lower total cost of ownership with low consumable requirements

Convenient operational features

  • Provide the right operator support when needed using context-sensitive help screens and instructional videos
  • Simplify operations with user-friendly graphical user interface design and touch-screen monitor
  • Reduce tech-to-tech variation and achieve consistent result quality with AU family of chemistry analyzers' standardized processes



Analytical System:          Fully automated, random access chemistry system with STAT capability

Analytical Principle:        Spectrophotometry and potentiometry

Analytical Types:           Endpoint, rate, fixed point and indirect ISE

Analytical Methods:        Colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, homogeneous EIA, indirect ISE

Simultaneously Processed Analytes:  60 photometric tests + 3 ISE, 120 pre-programmed onboard tests

Throughput:                  400 photometric tests/hour; maximum of 800 with ISE

ISE Throughput:             200 samples/hr. Maximum tests/hr: 600 if ISE only

Sample Types:                Serum, plasma, urine, other

Sample Feeder:               Racks with 10 samples each (barcodes on primary tubes and on racks); capacity of 80 samples; continuous loading

Sample Tubes:                Primary and secondary tubes; diameter from 11.5 to 16 mm; height from 55 to 102 mm, nestled micro sample cups

STAT samples:                Up to 22 positions for STAT samples via cooled turntable. Easy-to-operate interrupts between tests. Auto-repeat run capability.

Sample Volume:              1–25 μl in 0.1 μl steps (1-25 μl for repeats)

Reagent Capacity:           76 positions for (R1+R2, detergent position). Holds 15, 30 and 60ml bottles.

Reagent Storage:            Refrigerated (4–12°C)

Reagent Volume:             R1: 10–250 μl; R2: 10–250 μl (in 1 μl increment)

Total Reaction Volume:    90–350 μl

Reaction Cuvette:           Permanent glass cuvettes

Reaction Time:               Up to 8 minutes, 37.5 seconds

Reaction Incubation:       37°C, dry bath

Photometry System:       Direct assay through the reaction cuvette (0–3.0 OD) mono and bichromatic measurements possible

Wavelength:                  13 different wavelengths between 340–800 nm

Calibration:                    Auto calibration, cooled calibrator positions; master calibration established by two-dimensional barcode

Quality Control:              Auto QC, cooled QC positions

Rerun:                           1. Auto rerun and manual rerun available                     

                                    2. Automatic sample increase, decrease or normal repeat

                                    3. Reflex testing

Sample Pre-dilution:       Dilution ratio: Fixed to 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 76 or 100

Test Requisition:            Individual and profile test requisition via online, mouse, function keys and touch-screen

Sample Integrity:           Lipaemia, Haemolysis and Icterus analysis. Sample clot detection and probe crash protection.

Online:                         RS232C. Full uni- and bidirectional communication possible.

Software:                      Windows 7®

Data Storage:               Sample number 100,000 samples. Reaction Data 200,000 tests.

Dimensions (W x H x D):     ANL: 1,450 x 1,205 x 760

Power Supply:                    100–240v; 60 Hz/ < 3.5 kVA



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