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Awareness Technology SelectaLyte ElectroLyte Analyzer (Code: IDE-SelectaLyte)

SelectaLyte Electrolyte Analyzer

We at International Diagnostic Equipment have available the SelectaLyte ElectroLyte Analyzer
OWNchip technology, a unique monitoring and smart performance system, designed to ensure that the reagent pack and electrodes being used are up to date and reports on instrument calibrations helping to maintain optimal instrument performance. 
Three-level assayed quality control kit used for monitoring the performance of the SelectaLyte system and ensuring consistent results.
SelectaLyte performs automated NIST-traceable calibrations of Na+ K+ Cl, 

  • Plug-In Reagent Pack 
  • Touch Screen With Colors And Graphics 
  • Step By Step User Prompts 
  • Self-Calibrating And Monitoring 
  • Printed Results 
  • Results Stored On-Board Or Download To Flash Drive 
  • Direct measurement of Na+, K+ and Cl- by ion-selective electrodes
  • Sample type: whole blood or serum
  • Sample size: 80 µL ± 5 μL
  • Efficiency: 48 samples per hour without printing, 45 samples per hour with results printing
  • Analysis time: 75 seconds
  • Storage for patient data up to 200 results
  • Self-contained reagent and waste pack
  • FDA 510 (k) Cleared

• Results are displayed on-screen and simultaneously printed using the internal printer Designed and packaged for compatibility 
• Color Touchscreen graphics makes navigation of menus easy
• On-screen prompts provide instructions and display status
• The self-contained disposable reagent pack houses both the reagent and waste containers
• When reagent pack is low, prompts indicate replacement requirements
• When not in use, SelectaLyte operates in standby mode conserving reagents
• Maintenance free electrodes provide stable and dependable results
• Electrodes and tubing are easily accessed facilitating easy replacement & minimal downtime
• Dependable electrodes, reagent packs & QC materials
• Reliable hardware made from durable components
• Designed and manufactured in the USA
• Automatically monitors performance and stores use history


We also offer Selectalye Reagent Pack, Replacement Electrodes, QC Material 



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