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ADVIA® Retic Plus for ADVIA 2120 (Code: IDE-RA003)

We at international diagnostic provide R&D ADVIA Retic Plus is a tri-level whole blood reticulocyte control for the ADVIA 120, 2120 and 2120i analyzers. The bar-coded assay table provides values for Retic%, Retic RBC, MCVg, MCVr, CHCMg, CHCMr, CHg, and CHr. The target values for the levels are Level 1: 1.5%; Level 2: 5.0%; Level 3: 9.0%. R&D ADVIA Retic Plus is bar-coded for correct QC file access. R&D ADVIA Retic Plus has 75-day closed vial stability with 14-day open vial stability.


  • 75-day closed vial stability; 2 QC months
  • 14-day open vial stability
  • Packaged in 4mL pierceable screw cap tubes
  • Bar coded Assay sheet available
  • Bar coded label on tubes

 Catalog NumberDescription
TubesRA0036 x 4mL (2 each - Level 1, 2, 3)
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