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DianosUS 10 Panel Drug Test (Code: IDE-20-PDC10)

At IDE we have the DIAGNOSUS 10 PANEL CLIA WAIVED DRUG TEST (AMP/OPI (MOP)/ MET/THC/COC/MDMA/TCA/MTD/BAR/BZO) available for sale.This multi-panel test is available in cassette format. Qualitative results are easy to read, require no additional instrumentation or reagents. This test employs the principle of specific immunochemical reactions to identify drugs in urine samples.

Cassette Format: The cassette formats employs the same basic components as the strip test, but are housed in a protective plastic casing. This makes the format easier to handle and the device can be labeled to avoid confusion. To use the cassette format, simply add the sample specimen to the sample well of the cassette using the transfer pipette provided. Results appear within minutes in the test window of the device. The cassette format is easy to use and suitable for large volume laboratory and clinical purposes.

  • 1. AMP- Amphetamine
  • 2. OPI- Opiates
  • 3. MET- Methamphetamine
  • 4. THC- Marijuana
  • 5. COC- Cocaine
  • 6. MDMA- Ecstasy
  • 7. TCA- Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • 8. MTD- Methadone
  • v9. BAR- Barbiturates
  • 10. BZO- Benzodiazepine
  • Easy to read and accurate results in 5-15 minutes High sensitivity and specificity
    Price: 87.95 USD
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