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N95 Respirator Mask With Trutone Technology Adult Size FDA & CE Cleared (Code: IDE-N95)

N95 Respirator Mask With Trutone Technology Adult Size


- Patented TruTone technology

- Specifically Engineered (increases covered protection on face)

- Special TruTone Technology (Clear phone conversations prioritizing your health at all times



- Protects you from contamination from cough, sneeze o0r particulate matter such as pollen. Protection against bacteria, virus infection, and pollutants larger than 0.3 microns

- Patented technology allows you to talk on the phone without removing the mask

- Place cellphone on the same side as the trutone technology stamp during phone calls


User Guide:

  1. Tear open the package from the edge and take out the mask
  2. Open up the mask
  3. Hold the mask against facial area
  4. Fasten the loops behind the ears, adjust the mask to comfortable position
  5. Press the nose strip until it is tightly against the nose
  6. When on the phone, place it on the same side as the trutone stamp







Product Name:        TruTone Technology Respirator Mask

Life:                 3 Years

Composition:         This product is made of clinically-used non-woven fabric

Filtering eficiency:     > 95%

Effective Protection:   Level A

Manufactured:       China

MPN: 20200403


International Diagnostic Equipment 

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Price: 10.70 USD
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