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Disposable Three Layer Surgical Respirator Masks (Code: IDE-3LM)

 Disposable Three Layer Surgical Medical Masks Pack of 50 


  • Non-Woven Fabric Cloth
  • Meltblown Cloth


Fully fit the facial outline no bounding feeling, can effectively prevent from pollution. Safe and environmental protection, no odor, good breathability. Multi-layer design, super protection, convenient replacement.




Product Name:  3-Ply mask

Lot no:         3FM03160

Store:          2-30 C

Appearance:    3 Ply face mask, ear loop style, 50 ct/box

Catalog No.     100-02

Shelf Life       36 months

Release Date:   2020-03-16



Safety Certification:

  1. Appropriate inspection has been applied to this lot, and to our knowledge, specific defects do not exceed the maximum allowable quantities as listed in the applicable specifications
  2. This lot has been manufactured and packaged in accordance ith the relevant regulations for diagnostic and medical devices industry in USA
  3. There are no biohazard materials utilized in this product.  No rdioactive materials, no narcotic reagents, neither their derivatives, no virus neither their reagent nor metabolic by-products.





FDA Certification

Proprietary Name:               DiagnosUS Respirator

Classification Name:              Respirator, Surgical

Product Code:                   MSH

Device Class:                     2



$1.49 a mask when you buy more than 2,000






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Price: 74.99 USD
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