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AB Sciex API 4000 LC-MS/MS System (Code: iDE-API4000)

The API 4000 LC-MS/MS System delivers high-performance quantitation and identification across a wide range of LC flow rates.


  • Proven Curtain Gas Interface technology, combined with improved gas dynamics, reduces maintenance and increases uptime.
  • Enhanced, high-flow-rate performance, reduced ionization suppression, self-cleaning probe design, and reliable interface are combined to produce accelerated productivity and high throughput.
  • Analyst Software facilitates GLP compliance, including ability to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

    Low limits of detection:. The high sensitivity of the API 4000 System ensures low detection limits. Efficient ionization and superior ion sampling of the interface result in excellent sensitivity.

    Flexible options increase throughput:. Easy-to-use Turbo V Source allows you to quantitate over a wide range of flow rates and to change rapidly between atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and TurboIonSpray Probes. The optional DuoSpray Ion Source accelerates method development and increases both throughput and data quality. An additional option for APCI, the PhotoSpray Source, expands the range of compounds you can analyze.

    Automated data acquisition:. Innovative software applications enable automated MS to MS/MS acquisition, allowing you to extract the maximum amount of information from a single LC-MS run.

    Rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use: The superior ionization efficiency, enhanced robustness, and ease-of-use of the innovative Turbo V Source, combined with the patented LINAC Collision Cell, delivers high performance and high productivity with greater confidence in your results.

    Fast, secure access to information for DMPK studies:. Integration with Analyst Software and its powerful data acquisition and processing capabilities provides fast, secure access to the information you need for DMPK studies

    System Features.
    Detector Type:Pulse-counting channel electron multiplier (CEM) detector
    Ionization Sources TurboIonSpray Ion Source; Atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources; DuoSpray and PhotoSpray Ion Sources
    Scan Types Q1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM

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