International Diagnostic Equipment - 23G Grenier Butterfly Safety Needle
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23G Grenier Butterfly Safety Needle (Code: GRE N450096)

We at IDE have GRE N450096 Greiner butterfly safety adapter 23g greiner, 50 NEEDLES A BOX, 12" tube.

Activation Complete.

- activation of the safety mechanism is clearly indicated by an audible “click“.

Safety Mechanism

-Simple activation of the safety mechanism via lightly pressing in both sides of the hub.

Transparent View Window

- The transparent view window provides clear vein entry indication

Especially Safe

- Particularly safe due to activation of the safety mechanism while the needle is still in the vein

More Flexibility

- Assorted tube lengths offer more flexibility for blood collection

SAFETY Blood Collection Set Luer Adapter

- Pre-attached set with Luer adapter in sterile blister pack. - Handling is optimised.

Pre-attached set with holder in sterile blister pack.

- No threading necessary.
- A practical, ready-to-use solution that saves time.
- Pre-attached set with Blood Culture Holder in sterile blister pack.
- Designed for use with most commonly used blood culture bottles and VACUETTE blood collection tubes in one procedure.
- The set is sterile and pre-assembled for convenience, cost effectiveness and ensures your patient only has to undergo one venipuncture for all procedures.
Price: 45.00 USD
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