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Beckman Coulter Ac T Diff 2 Hematology Analyzer (Code: )

We at IDE have a Beckman Coulter Act Diff 2 For sale 




Avaliable Seperately:

- Re-certified $5,400

- Preventive maintenance

- Calibration and Installation

- Printer and Barcode reader



The Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II Hematology Analyzer delivers performance value and safety for physician office labs and smaller laboratories. It’s an affordable easy-to-use system that offers a small sample volume in both open and closed analysis modes a wide operating range and multiple output formats.


The Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II Hematology Analyzer offers a full range of features to optimize your lab’s efficiency including:


- Closed vial sampling that accommodates a variety of collection of tube sizes

- Small 18 uL sample size in either closed or open vial modes

- User-definable high/low flagging of patient results and quality control simplifies data interpretation

- Automated quality assurance functions improve productivity

- Closed vial sampling for controls and calibrators provides operator safety

- Compact benchtop design requires only two square feet of counter space

- Zero routine maintenance and high system reliability help contain costs


Running samples is as simple as:

- Select sample mode and verify ID via the intuitive touch-screen

- Place sample or control tube into the closed vial sample station

- Review results in less than 60 seconds



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